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Findmedrivers.co.za provides an online driver recruitment search engine for more than 3000 clients within the construction, logistics, manufacturing, food handling, hospitality and heavy plant industries nationally.

The Findmedrivers.co.za search engine is the perfect solution for drivers looking for Jobs and employers looking for drivers. This search engine will match the driver to their dream job and match the employer with the perfect driver to fulfil the task at hand.

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We get it - looking for a job is hard work. Let the Findmedrivers.co.za Job Search Engine make it easy for you. Upload your resume to be found by hundreds of recruiters , and apply for jobs in just a few clicks. Plus you can get daily job alerts and helpful career advice delivered straight to your inbox. Get the job, and the salary you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Are all drivers vetted for criminal records?

Yes all drivers are vetted for criminal records and pending or previous cases which may have been registered in a court of law.

Does a driver medical increase my chances of getting a job?

Yes, a prospective employer will view a healthy driver as less of a risk to their assets.

I'm having problems applying for a new JOB

Check the status of your resume it may not have been completed. It normally takes 24-48 hours. We will notify the driver by email once the process has been completed.

What does findmedrivers.co.za have to offer

Findmedrivers.co.za is a easy to use, 100% Mobile friendly online Job Portal connecting prospective Employers with drivers. Findmedrivers.co.za offers various options to suit your budget.

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Find Me Drivers is a dedicated platform to introduce Drivers to Employers. Ratings will help both Drivers and Employers choose the correct Partners for their requirements.