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Findmedrivers.co.za provides an online portal for employers to find drivers fast using our search engine, we supply drivers in the construction, logistics, manufacturing, food handling, hospitality and heavy plant industries nationally.

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Once your job has been posted you will have the opportunity to reach hundreds of drivers that match your requirement, instantly.

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Use this feature to automatically send a pre-written, personal message to your favourite candidates — so they’re more likely to apply to your job.

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Our smart, easy-to-use dashboard helps you sort, review, and rate your candidates. We learn from your ratings and send resumes similar to the ones you rated. 

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You’re never locked into 30-day job posts. So, when you’re ready to post another job, simply close the filled position and replace it with a new job.
















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    Find Me Drivers is a dedicated platform to introduce Drivers to Employers. Ratings will help both Drivers and Employers choose the correct Partners for their requirements.