About Us

The driving force behind FindMeDrivers.co.za are individuals who are passionate about transport and logistics. These individuals have served within the transport, logistics and construction industry for the past 25 years and fully understand the importance of finding suitable drivers to drive expensive assets which is the lifeblood of any business.

FindMeDrivers.co.za is an online portal that brings qualified professional drivers together with employers and recruiters within the supply chain management, transport, construction, and hospitality industries. 

FindMeDrivers.co.za assists drivers to find suitable employment and for employers to find the right driver through a dedicated online driver search engine. Findmedriver.co.za is the largest and only dedicated driver job portal in Africa.  

FindMeDrivers.co.za takes out the hassle of sifting through endless resumes and allows the employer to find the right candidate through the online filtering process. FindMeDrivers.co.za collects critical information on the driver during the online interview capturing process. Vital information such as the drivers’ health, criminal checks, driver codes, vehicle type, and PrDP specialities are captured so the employer can filter their search and find multiple driver candidates with a click of a mouse.    

Drivers have the opportunity to filter job opportunities that are posted by the employer, Drivers now have the opportunity to find jobs that offer, security, favourable employment packages, and growth opportunities.

Find Me Drivers is a dedicated platform to introduce Drivers to Employers. Ratings will help both Drivers and Employers choose the correct Partners for their requirements.